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  • Convert G2M3 Video...

    A quick guide to converting G2M3 video to WMV, AVI, FLV or other formats. The G2M3 video codec is applied to GoToMeeting videos by default and can be tricky to convert to other formats. This guide shows you how to achieve a number of formats quickly and easily.
  • Speed Up Windows XP

    I get many requests to fix slow computers and there are some easy techniques to clear out temp files and give Windows XP a bit of a boost. This handy guide runs through step by step what you can do to improve the performance.
  • Creative Marketing

    A light-hearted look at some clever marketing ideas for inspiration.
  • You Need A Website!

    So you don’t think your business needs a website? Read On...
  • The Beauty of Valid Web Design

    What is ‘Valid Web Design’, and why is it so important?
  • Online Photo Galleries

    Displaying an image on your site is one thing but what should you do if you want to display a collection of images? This article takes a look at some ideas for displaying photo galleries on your site, incorporating ready-made flash objects and whether this is a good idea, and some bespoke creations I’ve created in the past.
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