Convert G2M3, WMV and AVI Video

Firstly, to open a G2M3 video file (usually in WMV format) you will need the G2M3 video codec. Grab the G2M3 codec here.

  1. Make sure all of your video viewers (such as Windows Media Player, VLCPlayer etc) are closed
  2. Install the G2M3 codec

You should now be able to open the G2M3 encoded WMV file using Window Media Player or your favourite video player.

Convert Your Video from G2M3 to WMV

To convert your G2M3 video to a plain WMV, AVI, FLV or other format, without the G2M3 codec you will require the Windows Media Encoder application. Grab the Windows Media Encoder here.

  1. Install the Windows Media Encoder
  2. Open the Windows Media Encoder application from the Windows Media folder in your programs menu
  3. The Windows Media Encoder Wizard chooser will start
  4. Select the ‘Convert a file’ wizard and click 'Ok'
  5. In the ‘File Selection’ screen select your ‘Source file’ (the file you wish to convert) and your ‘Output file’ (the file with the encoding removed) and click ‘Next’
  6. Select the appropriate option on the ‘Content Distribution’ page - File Download (computer playback) works well for most video
  7. On the ‘Encoding Options’ page select the quality for your Video and Audio and click ‘Finish’

Windows Media Encoder will now encode your file using a plain WMV codec. When complete you can use any video conversion software (compatible with WMV files) to convert the video to any format you wish!

If you don't have any video conversion software, i recommend SUPER.

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